10 Tactics – for turning information into action


10 Tactics – for turning information into action is a toolkit for info-activism; it includes a documentary film, presenting the tactics and material for learning more. The film shows rights advocates from different countries working on grass root level with human rights issues. The film was shot in 2009, and it sheds light on many of the issues that reached mainstream media with the wave of protests in 2011.

body hair activism

There is nothing more political than food you eat, clothes you wear ... and Your body hair? If we assume that political is equal to socially active, recently we came across another example of politicised bodyhair - MOVEMBER movement."Face grown & hand brushed" - 

some guys from Australia has started a world wide movement to raise awareness and also cash. "Never dreaming that facial hair would ultimately lead to a global movement that would get men talking about a taboo subject – their health ..."


dealing with technocratic environment

New media - the drive for significant social events as well as powers the contemporary art, supporting the implementation of the participatory principle. Possibly IT fairs as well as media-art festivals are as significant as meetings for leaders of world politics, or busines. Festival ART+COMMUNICATION is one of them - this year in eddition "Technoecologies" exploring, how the people inhabit the daily environment, filled with technologies.



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