DMY: Do MASTA Yourself

MASTA is going thru some changes. Look, it's in a bookstore. Have you ever thought MASTA would end up in places like this?

Maybe MASTA is really applying the theme of it's latest issue: Growth (#7). After #5 MASTA got independent from motherorganisation Loesje we changed a lot: MASTA got a weblog, recycled paper, different format and a steady team for already 3 issues (#8 is coming).


Pee for Privacy

   Berlin Zoo Lion King Takes Steps against Insolent Disruption of His Royal Privacy


Unlike hysterical breakdowns of more lowly creatures at the Zoo, The King's actions and measures are controlled, extroverted, efficient, and almost noble. In fact, this is the first time in the Berlin Zoo's history that an animal achieved its aims so rapidly and by implementing a somewhat diplomatic solution. 



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