‘They do not represent us’ An introduction to the #SpanishRevolution

Madrid, Spain, 25th May 2001

This is the second week of #SpanishRevolution, and there’s been a lot of talking about it already. This article is just another subjective point of view, another reflection about the causes and the meaning of this movement and the consequences that might have in the future.

Please feel free to read, comment, share or exchange ideas about this text if you find it appropiate.



Timebank has activated

In case if You are in Frankfurt tonigh, You shouldnt miss the action by Paul Glover "Print Your Own Money - Community Currency Systems".

Tonight at 19:00 in the TimeBank headquarters, what is located at Portikus in Frankfurt, experience the possibility how cultural leaders can actually become financial ones. How it is possible?

Sampa Graffiti: documentaries about graffiti artists

SAMPA GRAFFITI is a video series made by Brazilian Director Paulo Taman, that focuses on graffiti artists and their work in the city of São Paulo and it's surrounding areas. Each episode is dedicated to an artist that create a piece throughout the video while talking about his thoughts on graffiti and arts in general. Although the short documentaries have a common theme there's always something new to them since they feature different artists with different styles and visions.



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