Call for action?

Since issue #6 No Topic, MAŠTA is being followed by weird wibes and questions - if no action is an action too. If we assume that its all about information and the fact that amount of facts we have to filter with our brains is growing in rapid speed. Hopefully its not the famous geometrical progression, what in nature sygnalises about sickness. Or is it?

Sunflower for every concrete block!

Guerilla gardening season has started – you dont have to be a botanist, or own official permission for urban greenery in order to turn the depressing concrete blocks into garden. On 15th of April some enthusiasts are asking the world to dress up and spread the sunflower seeds. Talking from experience – sunflowers are indeed easy to grow, they are tall enough to notice the changes and brings nice seeds. Of course, if You want something more permanent, MAŠTA recommends You: go for planting a tree!



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