Mašta #8 UNEXPECTED: call for submissions!

Mašta #8 UNEXPECTEDPhotos and articles, drawings and interwiew, manuals, commentairs and all other submissions are welcome to until 20th of June 2011! More info about submission guidelines and Mašta magazine –!See You out there!...*Call for submissons*Society members have potential to act like quantum, not only by performing different roles, but also by taking active role in several spaces at the same time. Passing on energy, sharing seed-thoughts, leaving examples and networking – all these processes take place in certain levels, what itself could be a topic for research. For example, experts couldn't predict economical changes. While biology is based on similarities, economy is based on regularities. Unpredictability makes the regularity-based-systems fragile. As soon as I can expect You laughing on a certain moment, i can start performing as a professional comedian in some Internet show. As soon as You expect me to expect You laughing, there is no laugh at all and the campaign to sell cleaning tools, cars or political ideas has failed.Besides, its not all about selling items or ideas - the basic idea of humor says that joke itself include unexpected violation of the conventional. There are cases when the most conventional actions can be perceived as unexpected, depending from context. Count on your fingers examples during the last weeks, when claiming the basic rights on freedom of speech, or movement was perceived as unexpected. How often simple rights to ask a question are interpreted as radical?To find out, what made them so – context, chosen media, time, or space-, Mašta invites You to look for unexpected changes, behaviours, opinions in Your surroundings, what can make change and report on them for the #8 UNEXPECTED!