STREAM IT! – the voice of participants

Here are some impressions from the STREAM IT! Participants and trainers:

Alise, Latvia:”... I never knew, that i can feel so comfortable with 45 total strangers around me. why? because they weren't strangers - even before the training we were breathing same air, thinking same thoughts and trying to reach the same goals..  Now I know that out there is tons and tons of my soul-sisters and brothers. Best time with the Best group :)”

Jan, Austria:„There is a special feeling which overcomes me when I think back on this 10 days of fun and creativity in Berlin. Not only the content of the workshop activated something in me. Moreover all the smiling faces, who gathered to exchange their talents and views to create effected me. Which stays is this special feeling, the urge to do, make, create in and for the collective.”

Fleur, the Netherlands:”This is an ode to you, my MASTA-mirrors, in which I can recognize my own reflection.I admire you, my qualities mirror in each one of you, because each one of you has the same qualities and together we make them shine brighter.I respect you, my failures mirror in each one of you and each one of you made me grow personally and professionally.4ever true, 4ever brave, 4ever kindEternal glory of our transcending mindsI cheer to you, my fellow's in the battle of the mind!”

Silvia, Spain/Germany:”Besides the diverse technical/theoretical new things I’ve learnt during the different activities, the nice memories I keep from the people and the personal significance it can could have for me...(..) we need to work in finding new ways of making our (and the other’s) voices present. And I’ve found here a bunch of people with whom I can do so. [Among other things] STREAMiT has been a fix of realism, energy and encouragement for keep believing that something different is possible, a break in a mainstream-inized routine, and an energizing dose for reactivating numb senses.”