body hair activism

There is nothing more political than food you eat, clothes you wear ... and Your body hair? If we assume that political is equal to socially active, recently we came across another example of politicised bodyhair - MOVEMBER movement."Face grown & hand brushed" - 

some guys from Australia has started a world wide movement to raise awareness and also cash. "Never dreaming that facial hair would ultimately lead to a global movement that would get men talking about a taboo subject – their health ..."

However, growing moustache seems to be an effective way to get people talking about problems, what seems to be uncomfortable to talk about. However, the choice to grow or cut hair seems to be an issue since ages - certain haircut as sign for tribal recognition, religios terms (like muslim woman coverin their hair, or ). As well, it can serve as sign of rebellion, if one let her strand of hair to slip out from the headscarf, or shave some parts of head. Of course, talking about body hair, its impossible to skip the idea about liberating the people from imposed beauty standarts what tells, when, where and how the hair should grow. As a friend once answered to a question, if hair on her legs is feministic hair - "no, its just my body hair".

However, sticking back to men's health and Movember, Maštazine invites You to contribute with a storry on moustache (or any other)  body hair action until 1st of December to, pictures are welcome as well! The nicest storry will be published in this blog and You will get Mašta magazine in Your postbox!

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