carry on with #GLOBALCHANGE

It might be true that it all got push with occupying an audience od Univercity, or maybe with building tents in main squaires of Spain, but from now on we do everything globally. And so that you dont have to find the embassy to blame or support, this time #GLOBALCHANGE allows You to go out on Yourr street, Your squaire and speak out loud.

#globalchange, creative activism





The appeal says that "now it is time for all of us to join in a global non violent protest" in order to show the ruling class, politicians and financial elite that "the ruling powers work for the benefit of just a few, ignoring the will of the vast majority and the human and environmental price we all have to pay".

This day matters for sure to show the continuity of the movement. But as well matters, what the people will do in the evening of 15th of October, after taking off the revolutionary suit.