Cultural Guerrilla UP AGAINST THE WALL¡





 Carousel, is something that recently in Russia is no longer associated with the leisure and the term has moved from amusement park to the political park. Rows of buses were on a tourist route from school to school so that the same people voted more than once. A lack of space on the bus was solved with the option of enjoying a "otkrepitelnye" (a check given to people who can not vote with a registered residency). The outcome of the elections showed that, on Sunday March 4, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin got to power with 63.81% of the vote.Although an anachronistic Putin has returned .... the society is no longer the same. The forms of claim is mutating in line with the new form of oppression. Increasingly, subversive and spontaneous elements are proliferating demanding a change within the turbulent political ecosystem. Are the errors in the system, not integrated, the monsters that are beyond the control. Are virus that hacking, distorted, reinterpreted and invest the protocols and standards.

"Virgin Mary begins to Putin," Pussy Riot are a group of activists who use the punk feminist music as a channel of protest. Women, anonymous, hooded,yobbos, uncontrollable and provocative. Known for the action developed in the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow, 21 of February, where they sang with a megaphone a punk prayer against the head of government Vladimir Putin.

 Pussy Riot perform spontaneous shows in public spaces. They climb up in city landmarks such as Lobnoye Mesto,located in the the Red Square facing the Kremlin; and sing in 2 minutes about devastating daily routine, hard working women and conditions for the right way to suppress men.They defend the rights of women within the closed russian society.

 However they are not alone. At the same time are emerging in different places: groups, crews,movements, tribes that use the public space and the creative and direct action as methods of resistance: Voinás, Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination, The Yes Men, GAC, Femén, Memetro, Yomango, Not an Alternative, The Iluminator... The revival of the feeling "Mutherfucker" from the 80's, a punk,creative and anarchist movement that was born as a protest against the Vietnam War. Pussy Riot appears today as a merger of the feminist nature from Guerrilla Grils and the subversive impulse of Ben Morea.

While the old body of the totalitarian and hegemony politics will continue alive, still exist the subversion virus running through it.

“We go for a total revolution, cultural, social and political.”

(The Black Mask)



Photos from Pussy Riot.