Dark art for a wake-up call

Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. After months of being on the verge of breaking up, the container ship Rena has split in two. The catastrophe left a mark on New Zealand's consciousness: up to 20,000 birds have been killed by the Rena’s fuel oil, and amongst other wildlife, like whales, seals and fish, the death toll will never be known. Ruined ecosystems, diving spots, underwater paradises. The worse? This catastrophe comes in a time when the New Zealand's Government is obsessed with opening up the country to the deep sea oil industry. Was Gulf of Mexico that long ago? Artivists from Greenpeace Australia Pacific decided to take action. They took the oil and birds from the disaster and used them to print hundreds of posters and canvas, as a reminder of what's in risk. “Rena did this. Deep sea oil drilling could be 1000 times worse”, they posted on the streets. “Oil on canvas” is the exhibition they then organized. Stark images – to make out of Rena a wake-up call for everyone.