dealing with technocratic environment

New media - the drive for significant social events as well as powers the contemporary art, supporting the implementation of the participatory principle. Possibly IT fairs as well as media-art festivals are as significant as meetings for leaders of world politics, or busines. Festival ART+COMMUNICATION is one of them - this year in eddition "Technoecologies" exploring, how the people inhabit the daily environment, filled with technologies. If You happen to pass by Latvia in the time frame from 3rd of November until 11th of December, "Technoecologies" will host serries of workshop, conference as well as exhibition, where You migt find inspiration, or concrete ideas for your next action.

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From curatorial statement:

"Everyday life has become so intimately interwoven with complex technological ecologies that we can no longer consider technology as the alienating other. A careful consideration of the relationships between the natural and the artificial is required. Techno-Ecologies concept is built by Eric Kluitenberg upon the concerns of Felix Guattari (the French philosopher and co-conspirator of Gilles Deleuze) about the lack of an integrated perspective on the dramatic techno-scientific transformations the Earth has undergone in recent times. Guattari urges to take three crucially important 'ecological registers' into account: the environment, social relations, and human subjectivity."

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