Donquixote Event. (DonkeyKollektief & Prohibited)



There are as much realities as tactics to modify them. Complaining, starting revolutions… Some of these ways of demands have been losing power little by little, and have been absorbed for the system itself, becoming something expected, controlled, assumed and boring. Creative Activism seeks to break barriers, its actions spring from the spontaneity, the unexpected, the anonymous… From the imagination. And precisely this is one of the most powerful features we believe in. Imagination as a tool for creating alternatives, for building up new worlds within the one we know. We want to come up with our own tactics, tools and communication channels in order to foster our own alternatives.

What does it mean Creative Activism?

It is giving life for 3 days to an old abandoned monastery, turning it into a place for alternative cultural and artistic exchange. It is to open up a space that used to have one only use, share it and give it a second chance to have a new life, a new story and identity.



How to transform an abandoned monastery in open,free and creative space. This weekend Brugge is full of 40 artist from everywhere, they are invited to participate at the event organized by Donkey Collective in collaboration with the french collective Prohibited.





Mastamagazine will be there¡¡ And we will collaborate with a unformal presentation and workshops this Saturday,the 8th of December at 16:00.

If you are around Belgium....JOIN US¡¡

The imagination is a powerful tool....Let´s go to open and liberate spaces¡¡

( Doc Toy and Anna from Galicia)

"So it has been nearly one month since the french kollektive Prohibited came to our little town to shake it a bit up, we`ve allready completed a xpo in the old printing house thanks to Klein Verhaal, did a surprise concert in a laundromat together with Clepto who still are togehter with us and are now finalizing our Grande Finale!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen we proudly present you.DonQuiXote_the last episode_aKa_La Grande finale.

DonQuiXote is a mixture of a bit of everything.Exposition of Paintings,Screenprints,photos,installations,sculptures,mural paintings,video projections,collages.Live concerts and dj`sA bewildering experience created by Donkey Kollektief/Prohibited and their many international friends coming from France,Spain and Belgium.

what`s on the menu?

Friday we will open the exposition with a Peoples Kitchen at 18.00.Celine timmerman will perform a piece at 20.30.LECTAMYNOL(be) will play at 21.00 continued by CLEPTO(saudi/canada) at22.00.Open untill 02.00.

Saturday we are open at 14.00

You are welcome to have a look at the xpo and wander around.Untill Jonas and Seb will do a performance at 20.00 somewhere in the building.After that we have the new old melody,Ynoji,Cordyceps and Maze playing for you.

Sunday Rub a Dub from 14.00 till 18.00There will be a shuttle between Roller Sunday and the location.more info about that soon.

Location: Somewhere in this milkyway galaxy,our solarsystem,on planet earth,northern hemisphere,europe,belgium,west flanders,Brugge......the rest you`ll get friday in the afternoon.

Hope to see you in this great weekend.

Donkey and Prohibited Greetings"




Masta Crew send to Brugge all the cosmic energy¡¡


Good Luck Donkey and Prohibited¡