Illegality, a daily tactic. "What power can not charge, try to cancel"




















The city as a scene of spontaneous groups, anonymous collectivities, resistance networks, urban tribes,unclassifiable minorities. Reclaim the street ....

Uncontrollable bits of society that constantly question the reality and maintaining an ongoing struggle claiming what is PUBLIC in the Public Space.Within this microcosm of urban guerrilla, acts the working group, "HUMO en la ciudad" (Valencia, Spain).
Graffiti is their strategy, urban typography, understanding as a spontaneous, illegal and free channel for the communication between citizens.The actions invite to reflection about the relationships established between the different uses that the individual makes of the environment:Private-Paid-Legal / Public-Free-Ilegal.“HUMO en la ciudad” tries to point out the "misuse" of public space through appropriation,occupation and interpretation of the Public Space to cause cracks in a cultural system based on privatization.
Subversive urban actions hidden in our daily. Intrusive elements within the city that serves to restore the right to practice it, to be part of it, to have the opportunity to interpret it freely without charge.



"The goal is not to enter into the system, we are already inside it, the goal is to MAKE, and do it in a free way."





"GRATIS" . Valencia,Spain.(Free)



"GRATIS" . Valencia,Spain. (Free)