Just ... STREAM IT!

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“STREAM IT! - when you don’t notice the process, you are the process¨ 

In beginning of November Spanish, Scotish, Italian as well as Latvian, German and Dutch friends of MASTA magazine came together in Ida Nowhere to brainstorm, learn, teach, realize creative actions in training STREAM IT! Social Inclucion through New Media.

STREAM IT! was an International gathering of people concerned about our world, who want to learn and exchange knowledge about creative activism, new methods of media and how to utilise them. Based in berlin and taking place over nine days the project makes workshops, lectures and actions, to equip participants with skills for inciting change.

The youth training was made byLoesje e.V. (http://www.loesje.de).


Dieses Projekt wurde mit Unterstützung der Europäischen Union durch das Programm JUGEND IN AKTION finanziert. Der Inhalt dieses Projektes gibt nicht notwendigerweise den Standpunkt der Europäischen Union oder der Nationalagentur JUGEND für Europa wieder und sie übernehmen dafür keine Haftung.