Mašta Handbook - practical guide to creative activism is released!

The handbook is a manifest of creative activism and intended to function as a trigger to move from thinking to doing, by sharing different methodologies, best practices, experiences, advice, anecdotes, tips and tricks. The online community and publication created by open and flat structured collective of authors is meant for youth educators, activists, artists, community facilitators and everyone else who believes in progress by bottom-up and a socially engaged microrevolution.

Do find it here:

You can find stories from different collectives and activists; yay@flautas, Fuck for forest, Partizaning,, Karsay Dorottya and Dainis Ozoliņš.

And - the project it’s not finished yet! The Handbook is an open process so we are happy to receive more action reports and interviews from around the world. So please spread the word around and don’t hesitate to send us your texts till 1st September on We are looking forward to read them and share them with Mašta Handbook readers.

The “Mašta Handbook - practical guide to creative activism" was made possible with help of financial support from the Council of Europe - European Youth Foundation.