Megapolis 2026 Energetic cities

Energy often seems like a distant topic, despite the fact that energy issues are present in our everyday lives: in how we eat, in how we move and in what charges our mobile phones. Still the world is full of examples of sustainable energy production, low energy living and low carbon transport solutions. The Megapolis 2026 festival offers inspiring and energetic insights into future energy solutions.

megapolis, alternative energy, festivalMegapolis 2026 Energetic cities is an urban festival which looks for urban solutions to environmental problems. The festival takes place Saturday 15th of October 2011 in Helsinki, Finland. If you can’t make it to Helsinki you can follow the seminars of the Festival on-line.


Megapolis organiser, the NGO Dodo, believes that a low energy life is not just about giving things up, it’s about searching for new and better ways to live. Solutions to environmental problems are there in people’s everyday lives and can be developed together.

Here You can find out more about the festival, or follow the lectures online:

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Info from: Maria Nordlund