Mobile Swapping Station

I were born in a prosperous city and everyone is not happy.

As everything is money and everyone is shouting and crying for money : the money for living, the money for art, the money for space and the money for everything.Maybe it is time for us to start not calculating how much we are spending everyday. When you have already forgotten how much is inside your wallet, let ́s go shopping with us, without using any money!The project “CreAction” formed by young people from six different countries, aiming to practice creative activism to stimulate social changes. One of our groups concerns the capitalism society today; we discussed the money society limited people life and mind. Therefore we were trying to promote the concept of moneyless and the value gained from the exchange between people. An activism <<Mobile Swapping Station>> was performed in the city Avilés, Asturias, Spain. If you are ready, get anything mobile, it can be a bicycle or a trolley. See how we built our own stations by different containers, make you own station as attractive as possible! When the station is ready, get whatever you can find and you don’t need, put it into the containers. We created three different mobile swapping station : the upcycle station, where you can put your used package and cans, we can teach you to upcycle them into something useful; the mobile wardrobe, where you can choose any clothes which fit you, and the mobile city garden, where you can get a little pot of plant and start to plant your own vegetable in the city.


                        1 : Mobile Station 1, The Upcycling Station                                            2 : Mobile Station 2, The Moving Wardrobe


                                        3 : Plant it by yourself!                                                          4 : The planter made by recycled material



Try going onto the street, start showing what you have in your station.

Smile to the people and say : “I want to exchange objects with you!”

“Quiero intercambiar cosa contigo” (Spanish)“Hajde da razmenimo stvarcice” (Soviet)“Ich moechte Dinge mit dir tauschen!” (German)


                                      5 : Clothes swapping                                                               6. ¿Quieres intercambiar algo conmigo?




Several public universities were also created by using unused stationeries. In case you don’t have anything with you for exchange, you can exchange you knowledge, ideas or skills with us!


                       Our public university!                                                                                                    Do you have anything to teach me?