Music Festivals Sustainable


Society is more than aware of indigestion, collapse and side effects of the lifestyle that we have hitherto applied to the planet. It's time to alternative ways to support the idea of the degrowth within this system of waste. Sustainability, self-management, responsible consumption, social commitment, environmental awareness, DIY, Creative Commons, Collective Intelligence ...These are some of the tools that have been gradually integrated into our way of life and even to enjoy our leisure time.

The Greener Festival Award is the Recognition that it´s giving to the Music and Creative Festivals committed to the environment and the society.This year has been awarded the Rototom Festival.



Away from the idea of ​​"parasite festival" where the musical culture and the revenue from the billboards are enclosed in a dynamic where everything is "inside", exploiting the resources of the splace where is developed without offering anything in return. Rototom, It is a cultural and musical internationla meeting characterized by the social interaction, respect for the environment and for its ecological awareness wich leads in a low environmental impact. But its peculiarity stems from the proposal to join a music festival reggae with the creation of an open space for reflection through workshops, stands with different associations and NGOs, local organic food and an important discussion section of talks based on the idea peace, tolerance and nonviolence; that has even been recognized by UNESCO.


Activism can take many forms but always the most important is how to transmit in a creative and participatory way. The proposed of the Sustainable Festivals are presented as a powerful tool where the message transmitted reaches more widely.

The use of biodegradable plastics, promote the use of public transport, planting trees through the collection of the revenue from parking, the use of water from the area or generate the energy through the use of bicycles are some of the proposals that are developed within management of the Rototom Festival.



Such initiatives, keep alive the hope of change, openness to new ways of understanding and managing our environment and building a responsible and consistent conscientious.




Photos from Rototom Sunsplash ©