Odd? We'll stream it

Right this moment a temporary multinewsmediateam is formed in a abandoned factory in Nijmegen.

To report on everything going on at the Oddstream-festival in Nijmegen, international journalists, filmers, mediaexperts and visual designers are gathering to make a living vanitas that will live a short but energetic life.

At this very moment liters of air are being spilt by talking, talking, discussing, getting to know eachother and making plans and idea's of how to report on the youngest multi-media festival in the Netherlands.

Involved are the people from Memefest, Queesch, Loesje, Pinksweater and probably many more of which I haven't found out yet. Another network is formed and even more talking is done.

Other than lot's of talking there is of course something to talk about, to report on. There is music: Chicks on Speed, Alec Empire and more will make their entrance and hopefully shake the ground.

For now, over and out. Gotto get to work. Where you can keep updated? Oddstream has a facebookpage, newspaper de Gelderlander has a special Oddstream section on their site. We also Twitter and can be seen on Nijmegen1TV.