Racists powned by trojan shirt

Racists aren't known for their ability to look past the surface. This causes lot's of nuisance in society and they don't even recognize their own stupidity.

The anti-racism group EXIT-Deutschland used this feature that racists so much treasure to make them look like clowns. They designed t-shirts to sell at the far-rightwing festival 'Rock für Deutschland' (Rock for Germany). The t-shirts they sold at the festival terrain were made to please racists, nationalists and other xenophobic people, of course with a skull, flags and saying 'Hardcore rebellen national and free'. No fun at all of course but if you don't look further than the skin or nationality  it sounds really cool for sure.

Until you get home from a nice day at the nazi-festival and wash your new t-shirt. EXIT-Deutschland used printing ink that washes off in the washing machine revealing the tru message of the shirt: What your t-shirt can, you can also.

Hopefully next time, these people look at someone, they will look further that somebodies skin and hopefully they'll keep wearing their new t-shirt proudly.

 Now it's time for some Antifa-schlager.