Russian jokes

Humour of all kinds is playing a major role in recent Russian protests. Some people are making Monty Python-esque banners that seem to have no common sense at all, while others are using recent online mems and old Russian folklore heroes. Sometimes Vladimir Putin accidentally generates mems of his own which then transform into drawings or inscriptions at the meetings. Once he determined the protesters as Bandar Logs which immediately generated jokes about him as Kaa. White paper stripes and unrolled condoms are not that easy to be confused, you know. However, Russian prime minister managed to do it. His vulgar joke generated numerous mems in response. Below are several examples of this brand new ‘protestainment’ trend.

‘We’re for fair amphorae’ – this slogan quotes Putin’s visit to Russian South when he heroically found two Greek amphorae in completely perfect state at an archaeological site. He’s damn lucky!


Putler Kaput. No comments.


Web hamsters and famous opposition blogger Alexey Navalny. Protesters were often defined by pro-Putin people as ‘web hamsters’ who can do nothing but sit at home and grumble about the regime.


The doll of Central Electoral Committee head Vladimir Churov with his famous mighty 146% spell.


A fine example of wordplay. ‘We’ve been cheated’, says a condom balloon, which can also be read as ‘We’ve been swollen’. The second ball says ‘Where’s my vote?’


A large condom ‘Let’s protect from Putin’.


Poker face: ‘Fair voting? Doooh, never heard of’. 

The Tankman.


Kirill Baranov