Seed thoughts - get growing!

Has your day ever lit up with a sudden and unexpected finding? A note in the book you took from the library? A box urging you to pick it up, containing a magic surprise a stranger had left there for you?

The idea is to leave around notes, images, boxes and whatever one can come up with.Purpose? Set people's thoughts and smiles on fire!

How to start?

  • Begin by finding quotes and questions that you find smile and thought provoking. What message do you want to spread? Depending on season, place and yourself you might want to spread different messages.
  • Write the quotes and questions down, by hand or machine. Then photocopy!
  • Make some boxes! With simple origami you make boxes to put your messages in. And then writing things such as ”pick me up” or ”for you” on the lid. You can also decide to put objects such as paper hearts or candies inside, with your imagination telling you what.
  • Put it all together. Either keep the messages for books and food packages or put them in then boxes together with some objects. Done!
  • You are now fully prepared! Go out onto the streets, find passing peoples bags, bicycle baskets and mail boxes. Any place where you find it needed. Also go to the bookshops, libraries and supermarket and plant some seed thoughts.

We hope this idea will go far beyond notes&boxes, use your imaginationWill you help us?

Project made by action group during training "Stream it! Social inclusion through new media".