Six hours in the top of Berlin

Our feet invade the dusty, empty floor of the room – today is the day. In this unreal scenario, anything can be re-used, transformed. A massive human construction, with square kilometers of stuffed rooms, with all the things one could ever think about – an Oxford dictionary wouldn’t be enough to name them. The unreal becomes our reality. As a message somewhere in the building says: “Home is where we are”.

There is no time to lose. Countless ideas boil in our minds, grow in our hearts and speed up through our veins. Then, some start quickly spreading through the floor and up the walls – up in the sky, to the outer space. Individual, social and spiritual levels merge in one single creative room.

Colorful bits of plastic are glued to the wall. Beer labels from the historical brewery form a man´s figure and hide some nazi message. Stop motion animation, stencils, paintings, stickers, weird sculptures. Creative orgasms – multiple ones. A creative orgy.

No one hides the excitement. “Besides the result, this process makes a huge impression on me. We definitely are transforming this place into a living creative room.” A “collaborative arts explosion” is another description of what is happening.As the autumn sun falls down the horizon, a light rises from our gas lamp. It’s time to go. “I feel like I don’t want to leave this place!”, one shouts. But this is just “the end of the beginning”. Someone else explains: “We did this to be continued, and always changing. New things sprouting out of this chaos.

On our way out, still living the thrill, the result amazes us. “People say that we cannot make a change…”, it is said. “If our group, in one single day, did this, just imagine what one could do if we all got together!”

Down from the tower, feet back on ground. Streets, traffic lights, u-bahn... The outside reality becomes our reality again – but maybe a bit changed now.