who is harvesting your contacts

Though the most visible action, fighting against ACTA is just one of th attempts to decrease opportunities for somebody else to control our lives. Lately also the news on Twitter "harvesting smartphone contacts" brought up to date the discussion about the "black boxes" - devices surrounding us in the daily life, having features and applications we dont even know.

In these moments its handy to remember the perspective of activists hacking media as well as people calling themselves "critical engineers":

"Some  technological innovations contain hidden features, or hidden functions which end-user was not made aware of and which are in direct violation of end-user agreement, or privacy agreement, or, one might  even say, general human rights. And for critical enigineer that is one of the primar goals - to expose these moments of diception, moments of inbalance between the human (user) and technology itself.  So, I often see myself as watchdog, who is looking at the  products, which are being given to us by manufacturers as Microsoft, Apple, and to break those black boxes  open and to see what's inside: how it actually works and what it actually does, not just by looking at its interface, its designed  output, or expected output."

(From MAŠTA #8 UNEXPECTED (upcoming soon) article  "Healthy dose of paranoya," interview with Danja Vasiliev.)