working towards creative revolution - No Bounds network

Fight inequality and injustice with creativity - under this slogan group of activists have created vibrant and subversive network for creative revolution - No Bounds. Its a platform for writers and artists, activists and thinkers, open for articles, calls for action as well as reports on topics - art, consciousness, environment, modern society and politics as well as indigeous people.

In a supershort time, No Bounds has created a wide network - in their website You can find such nice articles as "asshole of the week", ethical and ecological reasons, why not to eat meat as well as critical view on UN policy, but the most valuable thing are reports from SouthAmerica or Africa on local communities what are facing such problems as expansion of mining sites as well as nature conservation.

The necessity to establish London based collective raised from personal experience on "the injustice of our society which is based on the economic inequality, where there is no fair access to to food, water and information and where the young generations are falling in holes of hopelessness, apathy and anger. We think we are living in a system of ignorance, egocentrism and selfishness." Through facilitating a platform for grassroutes organisations and change makers, No Bounds aim to give voice to people from all ages and cultures, "especially those who come from deprived backgrounds and who are socially marginalized."

"We consider our magazine to be an education resource network that promotes the benefits of adopting a holistic approach to media production," says the crew members of No Bounds, "we want to spread consciousness through alternative thinking, supporting different forms of education and independent information."

*Quotes from No Bounds network -  the iniciator of the network Gata Malandra and coolaborators Shamim Kisakye, Azad Kamall, Marcelo Rodriguez and Carlos Papi.

**Get in touch with the network via their website, write an email to contact @ nobounds. org, or find their troops in FaceBook.