Escape censorship with Los Ayuntañecos

"Are you sick of being manipulated like a puppet? Create your own marionette!"

In this way "Ayuntañecos" (Spanish, which joins: "City Council" and "Puppet") present themselves. They rediscover the historical use of puppets as a conduit for social criticism, using the characters to say what is prohibited for the people.

With their political characters, the group emerged from the assembly of "15M Mahadahonda" (15-M Movement) and make straightforward criticisms about current political and economic issues through humour and parody. The puppets are used to inform and give content to such actions as squatting banks, conferences on illegitimate Debt ... As reality itself has become a parody, creativity must show what is real.

"Camping in Majadahonda Bankia", 16 and November 17, 2012.

The popular assembly of Majadahonda organised a camp in front of a Bankia(a Spanish bank) branch on the night of 16 to 17 November 2012, to raise awareness of unjust home evictions, for which Bankia is particularly infamous, in solidarity with those affected. Bankia is in the spotlight of social anger, and has had a triggering role in the Spanish crisis.
The puppet group "Los Ayuntañecos" decided not only support this action, but also to participate in it with a performance focused on the subject of evictions, with a script full of allusions to the corruption cases that flood our town.

The next morning, barely having slept, the star performance was scheduled featuring the characters: Narciso de Trapo, Esperanza Telita and Sánchez GordHilo. Although the weather was against us the whole weekend and we had neither permission to camp nor to conduct a public performance, we learned how to deal with the disproportionate deployment of police and stay overnight with success and we also managed to do our street performance against the bank in the town's main pedestrian street without being identified or fined.

We were lucky that a media reporter was interested in the whole project and decided to share the experience with “Los Ayuntañecos” on a TV Channel. She decided to do a mini-reportage about us, covering these three days, in which she explained how we prepared everything for the action and the subsequent developments. This reporter was identified by police, but not sanctioned. The reach we had in this action was extensive since it was broadcasted via the streaming service "Bambuser" by the Assembly and the next day we were on a half day's news.

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Los Ayuntañecos