Reclaim the countryside - Re.Colectivo Project

Re.colectivo is a rural revitalization project based in Cabranes, Asturias, Spain. The project is composed of a group of creatives who share living and work space. Its intention is to consider the relationship between man and nature and to decentralize the culture of cities and redirect it to the rural world. Our interests are focused on the research of the ecology, design, contemporary art and agriculture.

We share creativity through:
- Personal artistic activities: each group member produces ideas, objects and actions through different means of expression (illustration, mural painting, programming, sculpture ...). We put it all together and share it in collective exhibitions such as "Ideas for a planetary garden" in Lola Space in Oviedo or individually in our own circles.

  • Collective creations: the common space implies the application of creative ideas on energetic, organizational levels for productive use of space and time (Construction of the “Rocket” wood stove, building a triangular chicken coop out of recycled material and other practical design objects).

  • Critical Pedagogy: running workshops and activities for children and teenagers on issues related to art, design and agriculture and critical thinking. We work in rural schools, urban and suburban municipalities.

  • Psychosocial work: actions like Re.galo point (collection of second hand objects and creation of a free shop space for neighbours), participation in local festivals, Ecolab collaboration (Ecology laboratory in Arts Centre Laboral, Gijón, Asturias).

Re.colectivo en un Re.condito Re.fugio.
Somos un Re.ctangulo de Re.cursos en Re.d.

De los Restos Re.cuperamos: Re.tales, Re.fracciones,
re.franes, re.galos y re.laciones.
Re.ciclamos: Reliquias, Re.lampagos, Re.tinas y Re.inversiones.
No fué Re.pentinamente el Re.nunciar a Re.signarnos.
Nuestro Re.sonar Re.sponde al Re.linchar de la Vida.
Porque sólo Re.uniéndonos Re.creamos Re.alidades.
Porque no son Re.tos sino Re.evoluciones.

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