Methods #1: Introduction

There are a thousands of ways to explain and transmit how creative activism operates, lives and breathes. It border the domains of art and activism, is highly contextual and have innovative and sharable properties. Here you find some examples of how you can introduce and explain the concept for different audiences.

1. Introducing creative activism

Depending on the target group and setting of the workshop, we experimented with different ways to introduce people to creative activism: for a group of curious people we used a basic communication model and invited speakers which are active in the field, for people who were already familiar with the concept, we provided best practice examples of creative activism and information about creative methods used in the history of activism. The choice of approach depends on the knowledge base of the group, and the time and resources available.
From our experience, the most important when introducing the concept, was to find common ground. To share the properties of creative activism and its impact in society within the group or audience. To make this happen, we used collaborative and participative processes, some examples you find in the methods listed in this section.

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