Masta Handbook - spring updates!

A big plan to create a Practical Guide on Creative Activism - the Masta Handbook - is on its new wave!

There is no end in making it better. Therefore our international Masta team gathered in the beginning of April in
mountanious area of Asturias, Spain, to spend a whole week working on a pile of important issues for making it even more
meaningful and integrative for you.

This time we took in our focus a new chapter - methods and technics for learning more about Creative Activism. It's going to be that very practical part of the Handbook using which you can make your specific workshops, tested by us! As well we spend quite some time planning navigation conviniency of the handbook on-line and future of the networking with interested all around the Globe. Follow the updates sooner and later at!

 Whether you are already a creative activist, educator, social worker, politically concerned artist or a curious citizen (with a lot of potential), we want to make the platform being useful for you! Do not hesitate to communicate us your feedback or submit contributions!

process, asturias, spain, masta

asturias, spain, notes, process, masta

This project is supported by the Youth in Action Programme, Erasmus +.