A magazine for creative activism

Mašta is an open platform for creativity, freedom and action. The word Mašta means imagination. It also means whatever. Whatever you imagine can be part of the magazine. We call it organic creativity: open, borderfree, experimental, unconventional, challenging, positive, playful, provocative, flowing and playful. Mašta is a space where people from all over the world can both inspire others with their initiatives and get inspired by the actions of others. Mašta invites people to change the world around them with micro revolutions powered by creative and positive energy. To create a new perception of reality for themselves and others.

We are an international collective of journalists, artists, researchers, makers and other creative souls. We are here to explore, provoke, inspire and to look at the way of change. We multiply and report creative acts that reflects the world we actually live in.

We realize the magazine as well as online handbook to create a platform for young people to share their opinions on the world, politics and life of creative expression and exchange. We receive reports form individuals and groups who do creative actions in public space. Images, articles, artwork and ideas are shared and people like you make Mašta possible.

Mašta welcomes you to share your work, share your idea with our editorial team editor(@)mastazine(dot)net, check out the latest submission news as well as stay tuned on our group blog for the next open calls about our publications, trainings, actions and other activities.