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We take the privacy of you as a visitor of our website very serious and that`s why we want to be transparent about the tools we use to get meaningful statistics about our editorial work.

IP Adresses

Our website is hosted by the german provider, so officially safed by agencies of the german state, but therefore cheap, reliable and with good technical support. We cannot really delete the access logs from our webservers, but we as of 30th of June 2013 we have configured them to support anonymity, which means that from now on we have absolutely no IP Adress stored at hosteurope for your visit, except the following (partially anonymized) ones which we need for our content analysis but of which you can opt-out (per browser) on this page.

Anonymized usage statistics. We gather visitor statistics with the open source tool piwik. In piwik we enabled the AnonymizeIp plugin which turns every visitors IP for us into a e.g. making it "impossible" to easily identify you as a person who likes to read a lot about issue xxx. If you don`t want to support our work through contributing to these statistics, you can also opt-out through clicking on the following link, which sets a so called cookie in your browser for this webpage which makes sure that piwik doesn`t log you as a visitor at all.




In general we try to clean our apache logs on a yet timely irregular base. We know, we have to improve on that and we are determined to do so in our favour asap. Important: When you have an account on this website, please make sure that you browse the login-dialog on the certificated part of our website, which is true if there is https://-url at the beginnng of the url in your address bar. This is the only way you can keep our website secure when using a shared network, like in a public cafe or at some other friends house. Stay safe & take care!