Pee for Privacy

   Berlin Zoo Lion King Takes Steps against Insolent Disruption of His Royal Privacy


Unlike hysterical breakdowns of more lowly creatures at the Zoo, The King's actions and measures are controlled, extroverted, efficient, and almost noble. In fact, this is the first time in the Berlin Zoo's history that an animal achieved its aims so rapidly and by implementing a somewhat diplomatic solution. 


Sunflower for every concrete block!

Guerilla gardening season has started – you dont have to be a botanist, or own official permission for urban greenery in order to turn the depressing concrete blocks into garden. On 15th of April some enthusiasts are asking the world to dress up and spread the sunflower seeds. Talking from experience – sunflowers are indeed easy to grow, they are tall enough to notice the changes and brings nice seeds. Of course, if You want something more permanent, MAŠTA recommends You: go for planting a tree!


Just ... STREAM IT!

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“STREAM IT! - when you don’t notice the process, you are the process¨ 

In beginning of November Spanish, Scotish, Italian as well as Latvian, German and Dutch friends of MASTA magazine came together in Ida Nowhere to brainstorm, learn, teach, realize creative actions in training STREAM IT! Social Inclucion through New Media.

Six hours in the top of Berlin

Our feet invade the dusty, empty floor of the room – today is the day. In this unreal scenario, anything can be re-used, transformed. A massive human construction, with square kilometers of stuffed rooms, with all the things one could ever think about – an Oxford dictionary wouldn’t be enough to name them. The unreal becomes our reality. As a message somewhere in the building says: “Home is where we are”.


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