Agriculture is also culture

 'You are late, everybody has already left to the action!', I hear when entering the gate of the Agriculture action camp in Den Bosch.

 'Where is the action?', I inform quick and decide to walk on to catch a glimpse of the camp before going to the action. Here I find two people preparing a veggie garden in the place in the middle of what once was an abandoned lot overgrown with weeds. For the rest the camp resembles a bewilderd lot with tents spread over the vicinity. 

Odd? We'll stream it

Right this moment a temporary multinewsmediateam is formed in a abandoned factory in Nijmegen.

To report on everything going on at the Oddstream-festival in Nijmegen, international journalists, filmers, mediaexperts and visual designers are gathering to make a living vanitas that will live a short but energetic life.

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