2naked: the wall is the message

 "By chance we discovered life-sized figures on the walls of various cities, such as Berlin: Two completely unclothed people, who appear not to notice their audience, but communicate, as if by winking. They stand still and innocent, with their bodies on display. They look up to the left, as if looking at something... and then you see it. You follow their gaze, trying to find what they have found.


Twitter goes offline

For once, let's not try to change the world. Now it's time to take some media-content out to the streets. Somewhere you will usually not find it.

Early in the morning, when walking towards the hitchhikers-stop to get to Berlin, I found the street covered with A4's. Somebody printed out a shitload of tweets and pasted them all over the place. It confronted me with public space, with all it's personal thoughts and idea's resonating in it.

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