Friendship with Queesch

During the STREAM IT! training old and new MAŠTA network partners met Francisco and Laura from Louxembourg-based magazine QUEESCH and got opportunity to learn about initiative what turned into magazine in five languages.

Quarterly produced, QUEESCH covers the main topic of the magazine and informs the readers about the actualities in sociopolitical world on such topics as climate and environment, war and terror, love and feelings, or music and human rights. More about the magazine in -

Just ... STREAM IT!

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“STREAM IT! - when you don’t notice the process, you are the process¨ 

In beginning of November Spanish, Scotish, Italian as well as Latvian, German and Dutch friends of MASTA magazine came together in Ida Nowhere to brainstorm, learn, teach, realize creative actions in training STREAM IT! Social Inclucion through New Media.

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