A Practical Guide to Creative Activism


The cell of creative activism

Cell membrane - critical thinking

Cytoplasm - processing reality

The nucleus of the cell - action

Cells become tissue - engage the community

Perpetuating the species - spreading the message

The neurons - Inspiration from outside

Partizaning: Strategical art of urban living

Humoenlaciud - A sign in public space

YAY@FLAUTAS, Retirement - a golden age for activism

FFF: Still Fucking for the Forest

The Teilnahmerei - Everybody was free

Molestar.org - Disturbing with critical irony

Singing Skopjans

A beautiful struggle - Meeting Dainis Ozolins

Mobilize the people - talk with Karsay Dorottya

Butt x Better Festival - We wanted a party and all we got was activism!

Occupy the National Dance Centre

G.I.L.A. - “Our revenge will be happy”

Solfonica - armed with instruments

Escape censorship with Los Ayuntañecos

Reclaim the countryside - Re.Colectivo Project

Methods #1: Introduction

Methods #2: Processing reality

Methods #3: Urging creativity

Methods #4: Engage the community

Methods #5: Action

Methods #6: Spreading the message