More books, books, books! All books look really different... :) Do you have pictures of books you made? Share it with us!

published by julia on 28 April, 2015 - 12:53, last updated: 28 April, 2015 - 12:53

On the 20th of September, the first bookbinding event in Berlin took place, were visitors of the festival Recycled Creativity were invited to make their own copies of Microevolutions - a practical guide to creative activism. With great help from Kartonverlag we discovered how to bind books, and we are getting prepared to do it again! For you who want to make your own copy of Microevolutions - be sure to save the date 1st of November!

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Its time for the microevolutions to see the daylight!

On saturday 20th of September, you can join us making the first books at the Recyceled Creativity festival in Berlin. The Masta crew will togheter with Kartonverlag provide the printed version of the book and togheter we bind the very first copies in a experimental mood!

Come make your own copy!



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In the end of April an important event for creative activists happened in Moskow – conference of urban activism, 4th edition of “Delay Sammit”! Main topics for this year were: community work, high technologies in activism, protection of public interests and self-organisation.

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A big plan to create a Practical Guide on Creative Activism - the Masta Handbook - is on its new wave!

There is no end in making it better. Therefore our international Masta team gathered in the beginning of April in
mountanious area of Asturias, Spain, to spend a whole week working on a pile of important issues for making it even more
meaningful and integrative for you.

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Kulturlabor Trial&Error invites students, social workers, educators and curious citizens to join our 3 day workshop on creative activism methods! The course offers an insights into the scene and its theoretical background as well as practical exercise. It's also meant to give you the opportunity to exchange and connect with other creative people.

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14-15-16 February 2014

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